Habla Blah Blah Music!

Officially launched November 2, 2013.  We are proud to release our native sung, award winning, immersive-style songs in English/Spanish and English/French.  Listen to the album in your mother tongue first, then switch to an album in the target language of your choice.  We dare you to stop yourself from learning a new language!

Happy Valentine's Day 2016! Cheers to spreading the love for languages everywhere. Please enjoy our FREE lullabies downloadable here in Spanish, English, and French ... the Spanish version was our first, inspired by my growing Valentine's pictured below.


Full Albums Available Now!  CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and all of your favorite digital distributors. 

Habla Blah Blah: English & Spanish, Vol. One
Habla Blah Blah: English & French, Vol. One



18 songs per language with Lyrics Booklets Included in each.

And once you've had the chance to listen to our music in one or two languages, why not add on a third?!  Modular music for the budding linguist available here:

Habla Blah Blah: English, Vol. One
Habla Blah Blah: French, Vol. One
Habla Blah Blah: Spanish, Vol. One

Download English Lyrics                         Download French Lyrics                        Download Spanish Lyrics

Preview a song from Vol. 1!

Click these samples of the song "High Five" from Vol. 1 in English, Spanish or French.

Click here to download the High Five Instrumental!